Our Story

Tart Supreme Coffee has been established in memory of Jessica Jill Finkelstein, fondly nicknamed by her family as Tart Supreme. Jessica was diagnosed with stomach cancer in August 2017. After a short, tough battle, Jessica passed away on the 17th of January 2018.

Jess lived a lifestyle of philanthropy. Her definition of philanthropy was not donating money to worthy causes, she focused on donating her skill set and helping various organisations grow. She was an extremely talented Graphic Designer whom inspired so many!

Jessica had a pure heart and was an avid lover of rescue animals and nature. She was a person who lived her life to the full, no compromise on her morals or beliefs! 

A quote she said often was ” No matter the circumstances, always be the better person”

Why Coffee?

Jessica’s husband, Mike, wanted her legacy of philanthropy to continue and to honour her memory! In her short time on earth she did so much good!

As Jess’s chemo treatments progressed and more side effects had to be battled, Jess started to loose her independence and had to start relying on others, something she battled with. 

Her escape and happy place became sitting on the deck listening to the water feature, watching the fish and birds whilst drinking coffee. The coffee often helped to manage her nausea. For Mike, it was a no brainer to choose a premium quality coffee brand to partner with and create a coffee brand that helps others in similar circumstances.

Why donate to Pink Lady Crafts for Cancer?

Jess and Mike worked closely with Topfruit and Pink Lady Apples, working on their websites, various print media and vehicle branding.

When Pink Lady started the Crafts for Cancer event, Jess donated her skill set and time to help with the print marketing material for the event. Later Mike joined and donated a website. In 2018, Mike became one of the main sponsors in a lesser capacity than Pink Lady.

Jess and Mike became passionate about the cause and the difference the fund makes, it was only logical to ensure that all profits from the coffee sales goes to the fund!

We hope that you will become passionate about our coffee like we did whilst helping others!