Our Coffee

Our Signature Tart Supreme Espresso Blend
The Espresso blend is full-bodied with low acidity, presenting hints of fruit and nuts, with a smooth dark chocolate finish. A beautiful crema.

It is a medium roast that is a beautifully balanced blend of carefully selected beans originating from Central, South America and Africa

Best served:
The coffee blend is perfect for espresso machines, moka/stovetop pots and Aeropress. And, unconventionally, it even performs beautifully as a plunger/french press coffee too

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Tart Supreme Organic Coffee
A well-balanced, single origin, 100% Arabica coffee, originating from the high mountain ranges of Honduras. Good body, medium acidity, with notes of caramel, mild stone fruit and dark chocolate in the aftertaste. An absolute prerequisite for the discerning coffee lover with an eye on organic living. Certified organically grown.

The organic coffee blend is a medium roast. It is a well-balanced, single origin, Arabica coffee originating from the high mountain ranges of Central America. It is a great all rounder recommended for all brew methods